Theo Douthit

It’s time to bowl. Time to knock down pins and reap the benefits that this great SPORT gives each and every one of us. Sometimes it’s picking up a spare, throwing a strike or even winning a tournament. Theses are all things that this month’s Spotlight does very well. If you still have last month’s copy of the Desert Bowler you had a chance to learn just a little bit about this amazing young man. Young at 22 years old but has got more experience from the lanes than some adults get. As a multiple JBT Titlist Theo is used to match play and having to throw that clutch shot to win, back in March he put games of 300,300,279 to tie the State Record. Now let’s sit down and learn more about our Striking Spotlight Theo Douthit.

1)Why do some people say bowling isn’t a “real” sport? I think because those people haven’t experienced a long grueling day on the lanes. They don’t realize how mentally and physically challenging bowling really is.2)What are some interesting facts you know about bowling? Oh wow…what a question. Well I am young but I’ve kept up on my history. I always remember my dad and my step dad both telling me stories about the old days in the alleys. One that sticks out is that the bowlers used to roll dimes and quarters down the lane to the “pin boys” after they were done bowling if they set the pins well for them.

3)We know you do a great deal to help others; what are some causes you’re working on now? Right now I’m just working on helping the high school bowling program grow. In the future I would like to join the Make A Wish Foundation and also join a pet charity of some sort because I have a weakness for loving animals.

4)Top 5 favorite PBA players, past or present? Earl Anthony, Norm Duke, Pete Weber, Dave Husted, Dick Weber

5)Who challenges you most on the lanes, and how? I feel as though I’m at the point in my career where the only person that can get in my way is myself.

6)What are some reasons for bowling popularity? I think it’s popular because anybody can do it at almost any age. And also the PBA Tour has developed into am exciting stage for some of the best bowlers in the world to showcase their ability.

7)What are some tips for beginning bowlers? Make sure to always have fun. It’s the key to success. The ones that are able to enjoy the game are the ones that are able to bounce back the fastest.

8)What is your most embarrassing Bowling moment? Honestly I can’t really remember any embarrassing moments in my bowling

9)What are some common misconceptions about bowling? That bowling is just a recreation and not a sport for higher level competition.

10)What do you enjoy most about bowling? The competition. And just knowing that on any given day anybody can be defeated.


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