Integrity within Bowling

Greetings and salutations my bowling friends and welcome to another addition of Striking Spotlight. In this month’s edition we are going to spotlight Integrity within today’s game. We hear a lot about the integrity of the USBC and the PBA going downhill, but Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principals; moral uprightness. It is incredibly hard to please the masses with any decision that either the USBC and PBA make, but I am sure when USBC makes a rule change it is to better the playing experience for all and when the PBA comes up with a fun “different” show they are doing everything that they can to promote the PBA and bowling on TV. Now I ask you the readers of this column have you ever told a tournament director that the average on the sheet was a lower one than your true average? Did you just take a lower average because you received a few extra pins of handicap? This reminds me of a story that I am sure most of you had heard about from the recent PBA World Series of Bowling Chameleon Championship. Patrick Allen and Tom Smallwood were both fighting for that 4th spot for the TV show. It came down to the 10th frame of the last game and Allen got up and struck and then Smallwood got up on his pair and struck. Allen got the 2nd and 3rd strike in the 10th frame for a 245 game and to secure him on the TV show as the 4th seed as Smallwood went 9 spare for a 227. Well what had happened next shocked everyone in the building as the four players that were going to be on the show were announced, but Allen was not called. After the game was over Allen when into the tournament office and called a foul on himself that cost him from being the 4th seed and making it onto the TV show that next day. It is easy to act the proper way regarding integrity when you are winning, but true class and sportsmanship are revealed when you are down and things are not going your way.

Till next time stay Happy, Healthy and Bowling
Brian Hirsch



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