My USBC Open Championship Recap 2016

So another USBC OC has come and gone, and like the years before and the years to come there were high times, low times and of course lots of fun times.

I have to send a very special thank you to our team captain Jim Costello who managed to get 34 teams to Reno. If any of you has been that person who put team’s in a tournament truly understands how tough this task is and to do it for 34 teams makes me think that Jim might be just a little crazy. Thank you for everything you do for us Jim!

40 frame game recap: We bowled the 40 frame game on Saturday night’s last squad and we were on the fresh house shot. We were watching friends that bowled the squad before us that was a burn squad and they were hooking a lot. If you plan on bowling the 40 frame game get a squad with fresh oil. I only got to mid 900’s and defending ladies champion’s Sherri Steelman and Amber Hirsch gave it a great defensive run, and left the 40 frame game in 3rd place.

Now for the Team event; Game 1 I felt really good and threw the ball good and shot 225. Game 2 I threw it a bit faster and left the bucket that I ended up chopping. Struck in the 2nd frame and again chopped the bucket in the 3rd frame. Shook off those three frames and was clean until the 8thand 9th frames where I chopped another combo and missed a 10 pin and ended up shooting 160. Game 3 ended up being a carbon copy of the previous game and ended up shooting 158. That is a 543 series for those of you scoring at home.

The next day was doubles and singles and even though the pattern was different I was staying with the game plan that I started with for team, so game 1 of doubles I was feeling good and was throwing the ball good and shot 229. The first ball of game 2 was again fast and again a chopped combo of pins. Shook that off and went strike, spare, strike until I threw the 5th frame hard again and chopped the 1-2-4. The following frame I left the 3-6-10 and you guessed it…. Chopped! I only struck 1 more time that game and it was in the 8th frame as I did not strike again in doubles and my doubles series was a 510.

While staying on the same pair we started our singles event. At this point I can say there were many thoughts in my head and what I should do. I started texting my coach John from Target Line Bowling and he gave me some advice as he was in Flagstaff. I struck on the 1st shot of singles and that seemed to ease my over thinking, but that game was a grind as I only struck in the 5th and 12th shot and with only 2 opens shoot 163. Game 2 starts and yep you guessed it…Threw it fast and opened, but was clean until the 10th where I opened for 187. Fished off the 9th game of the tournament with a 203 and a 553 series and all events total of 1606. This is not an eagle winning score, but being 200+ pins over last year is at least a small win for me. Between the 6 games of singles and doubles I moved a total of nine boards left.

In closing make your spares and do not be afraid of making bigger moves than you do at your local center. Also have a dull ball with you because even if you do not use it for score you should use it in practice and burn up a spot because between the OB and over/under you could have the same story as mine.

Next up for Striking Spotlight we will be in Las Vegas for the USBC Convention and my wife will also be hitting the USBC WC lanes that week as well.

Until next time get out there and take the kids BOWLING!


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