What is wrong with Bowling 2.0?

That is a question that I hear a lot, whether I am in a bowling center or at home on social media. The views listed below are of the author and may/may not be the same views shared as you the reader. Here is my views on this wonderful topic. NOTHING…..Nothing is wrong with the game/sport of bowling. I had chose to not read the article that was done by Brian Voss due to the fact that it was about the no thumber / 2 hander. At this point there was an evolution back in the late 80’s – early 90’s that guys were throwing it without their thumb. To this day guys like Mike Miller and our very own Jim Pratt have made a career out of it. There is nothing different from what they did to the way the guys that throw it today with 2 hands. Yes balls are stronger…Yes lanes transition much much quicker than before. Some remember a time when the ball was made of wood than rubber than urethane and now resin. The balls themselves had an evolution much like the way a player throws the ball. As these balls got stronger we saw different players on top of the PBA as well as Local, State and National Tournaments. So again what is wrong with Bowling…..NOTHING!

Another topic I have heard a bit of discussion on is that all these “kids” are winning on the PBA and sometimes in their first appearance. I think this might be the first year in many that we have seen so many first time winners such as Anthony Simonsen, Graham Fach, Sam Cooley and Gary Faulkner to just name a few. Many may not know that youth programs such as the JBT are the proving grounds for today’s youth. Now I am not saying that every JBT bowler is going to win a PBA title, but in their tournament’s they ONLY bowl on sport shots. This WILL prepare every JBT bowler for tournament’s such as the USBC Master’s / Queen’s and the USBC Open and Woman’s Championship’s. So again what is wrong with Bowling…..NOTHING!

Until next time get out there and take the kids BOWLING!

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