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Press release


LAUSANNE, September 20 – World Bowling is seeking responses to this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) to identify partners, hosts, suppliers and agencies who would associate their knowledge, capacity and vision into an exciting project that World Bowling is creating, WBX, launching in November 2020.


World Bowling

World Bowling is autonomous in administering bowling and is responsible to promote the development of bowling throughout the world, promote the Olympic movement, contribute to the achievement of the goals set forth in the Olympic Charter, establish rules for the uniform practice of bowling throughout the world and ensure that official bowling activities meet the requirements of the Olympic Charter.

World Bowling first began to coordinate world bowling in 1926 as the INTERNATIONAL BOWLING ASSOCIATION (IBA). In 1952, the IBA developed into to FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DES QUILLEURS (FIQ – International federation of Bowlers) to foster worldwide interest in amateur tenpin and ninepin bowling, as well as international friendship by encouraging world and zone tournaments and other competitions between bowlers of different countries. The International Olympic Committee has recognised world Bowling since 1979 as the world governing body for the sport of Bowling.

In 2014, the international bowling organizations of the FIQ united under the new brand name of World Bowling to expand the reach and relevance of bowling worldwide.


WBX will be delivered via temporary infrastructure within key city locations featuring the top Women’s and Men’s Nations in the world. A three-day event that will showcase the incredible athleticism and skill of our athletes whilst they participate as individuals, pairs and as a team of Five. WBX has been developed by World Bowling as a complementary event to the main World Championships format, with the intention of appealing to a younger generation as a result of its accessibility in location, speed and opportunity to showcase high level skills.

The success of the recent World Bowling Women’s Championship aligned with World Bowling new strategic thinking has brought the organisation thinking outside the box and developing the idea of a brand-new competition format with the aim and commitment of organising four WBX events in 2020 and expanding further in 2021 to complement the global event calendar allowing the World’s best to showcase their talent when performing as a team.

WBX Objectives

The development and introduction of WBX has the following objectives:

  1. Rejuvenate and reposition the international portfolio of events
  2. Create immense value for our sport and new commercial opportunities
  3. Engage with the younger fans
  4. Create a calendar with more entertaining events for bowling fans
  5. Increase worldwide participation

WBX Mission:

  • To entertain and inspire, raising the global status and popularity of bowling
  • A channel to voice and showcase a love for bowling
  • A branded experience that delivers consistency & creates long term value
  • Design a product that stays true to the pure, simple pleasure of bowling a ball


A successful strategy must provide inspiration to new athletes and give everyone in bowling an aspirational goal.

We require a multi-tiered approach with pinnacle event(s) which inspire at the top level, as well as a clear “pathway for growth” which touches and motivates the bowling community at all levels.

The grass roots will not grow without aspiration and visibility of elite international competition.

There are three key strategies which underpin the successful introduction, growth and value creation for this event:

  1. Impact

Create an awe-inspiring commercially packaged version of WBX at the elite level that will inspire the next generation and optimise the value for bowling.

  1. Focus

The co-ordinated, deliberate and multi-tiered seeding of WBX to grow passion and participation

  1. Value

Leveraging and optimising value creation around this new format to feed investment and development back into our sport – IP, broadcast rights, licensing fees, merchandising, technology & equipment innovations, digital and gaming, legacy, equipment, creating stars, exposure & endorsement etc.


These events can be delivered in a “non-traditional” sports location, a city centre, a famous location or within existing elite sports infrastructure. The aim will be to bring Bowling to the people.

To view WBX, not just as a sporting product, but rather a “packaged” entertainment and lifestyle product with a dynamic branded experience.

Develop a brand and clear market/product positioning to build out the format for WBX – Event Presentation, Technology, Athlete Wear, Sporting Equipment, innovation and TV production. This must include research into the target ‘youth audience’, with reference to success stories with similar sports / bowling.

This will be designed for the commercial market and will be a “window to the world”.

Deliver event presentation spectacle. Recruit technology and supplier partners to develop and build the entertainment package.

Roll out this commercialised event globally – targeting new and important markets.

The appointed persons will be responsible for, in full or part, WBX Stadia build, lane services, seating, venue infrastructure, event management, commercial sales, delivery and distribution, broadcast production, event delivery, digital and social strategy including working with key influencers.

The appointed persons must show creativity as well as experience in developing a brand which will attract and appeal to celebrity / star fans and attendees. This may include experience of PR activations at site and pre-event to create a buzz.

Any merchandising / e-commerce experience is beneficial.

Key areas of consideration in full or in part:

Official Lane Provider

Lane Maintenance

Official Scoring System

Technology partner

Commercial rights

Clothing provider

Event Delivery and Sports presentation

TV Production


Host Cities

WBX Event Format

  • Global events, country v country with the best bowlers
  • Men’s, Women’s and Mixed competitions
  • 10 Team event (5 Women 5 Men)
  • 6 person squad per nation
  • 3 day event
  • Entertainment and branded experienced
  • City based

Proposal Deliverables and Timelines
Submission Guidelines:

Submissions of proposals must be received no later than Thursday October 31st 2019 by 18.00 CET to andrew@worldbowling.org



RFP Process Opens

RFP distributed

20th September 2019

RFP Questions

Questions accepted by World Bowling from interested persons

1st October 2019

RFP Closes

RFP due to World Bowling

31st October 2019


Consultations with short list of partner/companies/stakeholders which may include face to face meeting.

End of November


Selected proposal notified

16th December 2019

Proposal Instructions

All proposals should be made up of the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Experience
  • Agency/stakeholder/company approach and associated timelines
  • Business model proposition
  • Any additional information the agency considers relevant
  • References
  • Inclusion of any Olympic sport experience

First and foremost, only qualified companies with relevant prior experience should submit proposals in response to this Request for Proposal.

Proposals must be signed by a representative that is authorised.

If you have a standard set of terms and conditions, please submit them with your proposal. All terms and conditions will be subject to negotiation.

Proposals must remain valid for a period of 45 days from date of submission.

Proposal Instructions

By following these instructions, persons should submit information in a manner that allows a fair, objective and consistent evaluation of all proposals. RFP recipients are expected to follow these instructions. World Bowling is under no obligation to award a contract to any bidder who responds to this RFP. World Bowling may choose to award the contract on a nonexclusive basis. World Bowling reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to take exception to any RFP specifications or requirements. World Bowling reserves the right to make an award solely on the proposals submitted or to negotiate further with selected persons. Please note World Bowling will not pay for any costs associated with the submission of the proposal. All persons should include proposed solutions in their response, along with detailed descriptions of similar projects they have delivered for other clients.

Confidentiality and Use of Information

The information is to be used by agency only for the purpose of preparing a response and will not be disclosed to third parties. The information in this document may not be used or shared with other parties for any other purpose, without first obtaining World Bowling written consent.

About the World Bowling: World Bowling is the governing body for the sport of tenpin bowling and heads 114 national federations from five confederations. Bowling is played in the Asian Games, the Pan American Games and The World Games.

For more information on World Bowling, visit WorldBowling.sport or please contact: Megan Tidbury, PR & Marketing Director, Telephone: +41 78 830 3651; Email: megan@worldbowling.org


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