Michael Haugen Jr. wins his first regional PBA50 title

Just weeks into being the golden age of 50, Michael Haugen Jr. goes and wins his first regional PBA50 title. Underrated is a term that used to follow Haugen around as a member since 1994, but he did not seen a national win on the PBA Tour until 2007-08 season where he won his 1st national title against Wes Malott at the Lake County Indiana Classic presented by the United Way in Merrillville, In. Haugen has seen the bright TV lights before, 19 times to be exact.  12 of the 19 shows he finished between 3rd and 5th places. In the other 7 shows, Haugen made it to the championship match and had a 5-2 record in that match. The two losses on TV are courtesy of Pete Weber and Walter Ray Williams Jr. who are arguably two of the greatest legends still bowling today.

The end of January Haugen competed in his 1st senior regional, the PBA50 Sands Regency West/Northwest Winter Classic Presented by Storm. Haugen stepped on the gas pedal and really never looked back. If this “rookie” had a target on his back, it did not show as he averaged 226.50 for his 8 game qualifying block. He continued to have a great look as he posted a 232.56 average and 6-2 record in match play and collected the 1st place trophy and $1500. Haugen will have to wait until March 17th to compete in his next regional, the PBA50 Sands Regency West/Northwest Classic Presented by Brunswick.

After the win Haugen had this to say via a facebook post on his page:

 “My first PBA50 Tour regional is complete. It’s pretty cool to have a good look and bowl well in the first one you enter. Used the Roto Grip No Rules Pearl, Storm Bowling Code Black and Brunswick Bowling Forest Quantum today. As always, thanks to Vise Inserts for the tools for a great fit.”

The National PBA50 season will begin in April at the PBA50 Pasco County Florida Open. Fellow players  like Walter Ray Williams, Parker Bohn, Norm Duke, Amleto Monacelli and Pete Weber just to name a few are still very dominant on both the PBA and PBA50 tours. Ryan Shafer and Haugen Jr. are the newest rookies to cross over from the PBA Tour and compete in the PBA50 Tour this year. These guys both have a great bowling resume and looking forward to seeing what they add to theirs. Can these guys do what Pete Weber did last year and stock pile wins after wins? Only time will tell and at this level anything is possible.

Brian Hirsch

“If you can’t hear a pin drop, then something is definitely wrong with your bowling”

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