Giving back to the SPORT of Bowling

When you hear about giving back to the sport of Bowling, what does that means to you? This is a question that I feel I have been defending for many years. It is easy for many to laugh and say “Why, what have they done for me?” or “USBC takes everything away from us” When we started bowling we were not any good and after months and years some of us got really good and developed a great talent to throw a bowling ball. For the rest of us we may have gotten much better, but not where we will be competing for a PBA title. Looking back when we first joined a bowling league, it was to have fun with some friends and try to beat the other team. We never started bowling for just awards and jewelry. With every year that goes by, there seems to be a bigger and stronger super ball. When we bowl and score less than we feel we should have it is very easy to blame the lanes, the pattern, what you ate before going to bowl or even the route you took to go to the bowling center. In the above section there seems to be a lot of negative feelings and what we do next is jump on social media and complain about what just happened. What was so wrong to admitting that maybe, just maybe we just performed badly and use what could be a negative comment or post to become a positive post about what could have been better or what we will work on to fill the hole in our game? I have had the pleasure to talk with Bowling’s super fan Adam Lemerise from Waynesville, North Carolina. This young man always has a positive word about the game. He uses his week of vacation every year to attend a live Professional Bowlers Association event. He has also been on a recent edition of The Bowlers Show podcast to talk with the host of the show David Waswo about his week at the World Series of Bowling from Reno, NV. Please check out Adam talking and giving back to the sport and talking about his week at

People that are truly close to me know the number of hats I wear within the industry from local USBC Director to Youth Director and always try to convey bowling in the brightest light that I can, will be happy to hear that I have recently joined the USBC Open Championship team and will be working onsite in Las Vegas for this year’s tournament. I am looking forward to this opportunity and cannot think of any other way for me to give back to the sport of Bowling, than getting to work with USBC on the grandest stage in Bowling.

Bowling is not as it once was and some will say it is a niche sport and may never get to where it once was but we still have bowling balls being made and bowling centers that are open and that’s much better than having nothing at all. Remember the reason why you started and now it is up to you to give back to the sport of Bowling.

Brian Hirsch

“If you can’t hear a pin drop, then something is definitely wrong with your bowling”


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