Jeff Hemer

1)What city/state were you born in? New York City, but grew up in suburban New Jersey until going to grad school at U of A.

2)Top 5 favorite players, past or present? Mike Miller, Pete Weber, Amleto Monacelli, Any JBT alum and all my teammates and bowling friends who put up with me.

3)What is the most rewarding part of your job? Almost all of it. We have an amazing bunch of kids, parents, and host centers. I’m so blessed to be doing what I am, and want to squeeze every moment out of it.

4)Describe yourself in three words. Ambitious, dorky, sincere.

5)The nature of sports has changed greatly in the past decade. What do you think students should take from high-school sports? High school bowling was well established in NJ, so I was surprised it didn’t exist out here when I moved here. Since then it’s made great strides, and can get way better. High school bowling is a great way to get the ‘team’ feel of bowling, and prepare you for college. It’s a shame there are so many roadblocks to getting it fully established.

6)What advice would you give a bowler with dreams of someday making it on the PBA Tour? Obviously, make your education your top priority- you have no idea what direction life will take you, and there’s very few people making a living throwing a bowling ball. That said– go for it! Do not defer your dreams, not for anyone or anything.

7)What is your most embarrassing Bowling moment? Anytime I let my temper get the better of me on the lanes- I immediately want to go crawl in a cave and hide for a year.

8)What is your favorite sports team and why? Tampa Bay Bucs because I digged the old orange and always liked the underdogs in sports, it grew from there. Also the NJ Devils, Arizona D-backs, and U of A sports, for obvious reasons.

9)What is something that you are really proud of and why? I’m constantly amazed when I think of what JBT has grown into, and when someone thanks me for something JBT has done for them, whether it’s a life experience, a scholarship check, or just a really neat moment, it’s a humbling thing. I have a scrapbook and check it out when I need to cheer up.

10)What things do you find yourself doing that you said you’d ‘never’ do? Gaining weight. Reraising pre-flop with 8-3 off suit. Getting grey hair. Those are probably all connected, huh?

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