Hate in Bowling

Greetings and salutations my bowling friends and welcome to another addition of Striking Spotlight. In this month’s edition we are going to spotlight the biggest negative in bowling today. Could it be oil patterns? Super aggressive bowling balls? Light weight pins? The answer to these questions would be NO. The biggest issue that is hurting bowling is US, the bowlers. Sure you may think that’s a bold statement, but after watching the USBC Masters and then I logged onto facebook I saw so much hate and bashing on Jason Belmonte. Let me start off by saying with no luck bowling would be a really tough. Sure Belmonte had more luck than the others on the show but the flip side is how he performed in the first 2 games. Let us not forget the splits that were made in those first 2 matches. It takes as Randy Pederson would say “Maple Moxie” to stay that focused when you have to win the match and have a less then desired ball motion. Lucas Wiseman from the USBC Media Department had this to say on facebook.

“Belmonte is not a “cheater.” He’s a winner. And the amount of people who hate on him is ridiculous. Congrats, Jason. You earned it.”

We as bowlers can be our own worst enemy. We need to remember that we are Fathers, Mothers, Brother or Sisters first and that Bowling is something we do for fun and/or sport, but it does not make us who we are. Let’s go out there and have fun at league or congratulate an opponent weather we win or lose. I would like to thank Jeff Carter for the inspiration for this month’s Striking Spotlight.

“So much hate in this sport….disappointing and disgusting. No wonder we struggle. It’s sad how people feel the need to voice negativity at every turn. Hard to figure out why people even try to make a difference and improve the sport. Everything anybody does is met with criticism….very, very sad state our sport is in.” Jeff

This month’s Striking Spotlight is dedicated to a great man and friend, Gary Friedman past away at the end of February after a long term battle with cancer. All of us here at Striking Spotlight and BOWLING with Leverage Pro Shops send our regards to his wife Martha and to the rest of Gary’s family.

Till next time stay Happy, Healthy and Bowling


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