Striking Spotlight: David Leverage

With the Fall Season now at an end and many people are putting their Bowling Equipment away for Golf clubs, I decided to start this Spotlight section to “get to know” some of our Local Celebrities here in the Valley. Just a tad bit about me…..My name is Brian Hirsch and I have been bowling for 16 years. I am a USBC Level 1 Coach and have been for 10 years and I am also a member of the BWAA (Bowling Writers Association of America). Now without further delay, this months Striking Spotlight is David Leverage

1) What city/state were you born in? Poughkeepsie, New York

2) How did you meet your husband/wife and what drew you to him/her? Met her at Maricopa Lanes, her beauty

3) Tell me about a memorable moment in your life; a time you will never forget. The birth of my first of 5 sons and being able to share it with my father

4) What are the goals you are still working toward? The PBA Tour, The Pro Shop business

5) What is your favorite sports team and why? New York Yankees. Because, You shouldn’t have to ask why, they are the sports franchise every other is measured against

6) What is your most embarrassing Bowling moment? Going to a Regional in Vegas and leaving a day late and having to turn around. Luckily I only got to Wickenburg

7) What advice would you give a bowler with dreams of someday making it on the PBA Tour? Choose another sport that pays what you are worth as a Professional athlete. Bowl for the fun not the money. Because there is no money in bowling.

8) The nature of sports has changed greatly in the past decade. What do you think students should take from high-school sports? Competition, Camaraderie, work ethic, the importance of practice.

9) You’ve obviously achieved a lot, but what is one of your greatest disappointments, and how did you deal with it? My first exempt season on the PBA Tour. I am dealing with it by not quitting and trying again. Get back on the horse as they say.

10) Do you have anything to say that we didn’t ask? Yes…The state of bowling is in bad shape. The hierarchy in bowling needs to work together for the betterment of our sport, not just what is good for their particular group. The USBC, PBA, BPAA all need to check their collective egos at the door and sit down and revive our sport. That is my challenge to them!

Till Till next issue ….See ya on the lanes!!!!

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