Edward J. Smaglik

Wow where does the time go???? It feels like just the other day I was telling everyone to get the grips checked in the old bowling ball and now it’s the end of another fun filled season but don’t forget the Arizona State Championships are coming soon so get that entry in!!!! Now let’s turn to this month’s Striking Spotlight…
Today I had the opportunity to talk with the Professor and I’m not talking about Howard Lederer for all you Bowling and Poker fans out there. This month’s Spotlight comes to us from Flagstaff and I’m sure by that someone already knows who he is. If not here are a few hints… He just won the 2008 Las Vegas Red Hot Singles Event, Northern Arizona Masters and the 2009 Mini-Eliminator. That’s right we’re talking with Assistant Professor Edward J. Smaglik, Ph.D. Ed graduated from Purdue University with his Masters of Science in Civil Engineering in 2001 and then his Doctor of Philosophy, Civil Engineering in 2005.

1) What are the goals you are still working toward? Tenure at NAU. Regarding bowling, just trying to win everything I bowl.
2) You’ve obviously achieved alot, but what is one of your greatest disappointments, and how did you deal with it? My greatest disappointment was when we got 2nd in the Intercollegiate Bowling Championships in 2002 (with Purdue). I dealt with it by bowling another event the following weekend. The best way to put a disappointment behind you is to focus on a new competition.
3) Top 5 favorite PBA players, past or present? Mark Roth, Earl Anthony, Marshall Holman, Pete McCordic, and Mark Thayer
4) Why do some people say bowling isn’t a “real” sport? You can turn the TV on and watch Professionals that couldn’t even run a mile, yet they can reach the pinnacle of bowling competition. Remember the clip from kingpin?
5) What are some benefits of bowling? Well, it’s definitely not the groupies. Competition and friendship. Some of my best friends I have met through the game, even though we are always butting heads at events.
6) What are some common misconceptions about bowling? The most common misconception is that all bowling lanes and bowling balls are the same.
7) What are some reasons for bowling popularity? 1… You don’t have to search for the ball after an errant shot (ala golf). 2… The bar is always close (not real big for me, but seems important to others).
8) What does it take to be a good player? Devotion to practice and knowledge of the game (lane surfaces, equipment layouts, etc.). A little natural talent helps too.
9) Who challenges you most on the lanes, and how? Myself. How? Trying to make consistent shots, analyze the lane condition in relation to my game and my equipment, and trying not to over analyze everything. In the words of Brett Wolfe at the ACBA this morning, sometimes, ignorance is bliss.
10) What do you enjoy most about bowling? Competition and camaraderie. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true


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