June 30, 2020

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Brian Hirsch, Operations Manager, 

International Bowling Media Association (IBMA)


ARLINGTON, Texas — The International Bowling Media Association (IBMA) has elected former FloBowling host Phil Brylow as First Vice President. He was nominated by Sergeant of Arms Kevin Hong and seconded by Second Vice President Sam Vasta shortly after the conclusion of the June 22 IBMA Annual Membership Meeting during Bowl Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Phil is who we need at this time to help us push to the next step in covering the sport of bowling using other media outlets outside of paper print,” said IBMA President Johnny Campos. “From FloBowling to the local cable shows he hosted, Phil has been ahead of the curve and is an amazing addition to our organization.”

Brylow has been an IBMA member since 2011 when he received the Chuck Pezzano Scholarship. For the past two years he has served as a judge for the competition. He has been involved with bowling at many levels throughout the last 30 years from working in a bowling center to coaching collegiately to starting his own production house to creating bowling shows for cable TV in Wisconsin. He brought many features to PBA’s Xtra Frame and FloBowling in the years he was contracted by the PBA to work with them.


IBMA Mission Statement

To be bowling’s source of excellence in the gathering and distribution of news and information through multiple media platforms and to encourage the pursuit of bowling media as a full or part-time profession.

IBMA Vision Statement

IBMA is an organization that is beneficial to the industry as it disseminates information to a world-wide bowling media, encourages bowling media as a career choice for younger bowlers, and provides technology updates to membership in covering the sport.

The IBMA honors the past by embracing the future


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