Former bowling pro rolls first 300 at Virgin River in Mesquite

Matt Surina joined a select circle when he became just the 11th bowler to join the pantheon of bowlers with bragging rights to a 300 game at the Virgin River Bowling Center.

After beginning Virgin River Scratch League play with two fairly routine games of 225 and 212, he was looking to pop a big third game. And that’s exactly what happened as he started getting better pin carry along with throwing more killer strike balls as he peeled off 12 straight strikes for a perfect 300 game and a 737 series.

A winner of three televised PBA National Championships, one Senior PBA National Championship and 10 regional championships, he is currently carrying a 216 average.

Surina is nationally recognized for his expertise at fitting and drilling bowling balls for both beginners and experienced bowlers and has received tons of accolades from numerous Mesquite bowlers for his instructional lessons and drilling of bowling balls. Yes, Mesquite is indeed blessed to have someone of his experience and talent running the pro shop.


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