Motiv Bowling to announce that EJ Tackett signed a 10 year staff deal

EJ Tackett, a 13 time PBA tour champion, has been the face of the Motiv brand on the PBA Tour for seven years.

The first seven years of EJ’s career are historic, seeing him win Rookie of the Year, Player of the Year, compete on Team USA in international competition and at the Weber Cup, and most recently releasing a bowling ball bearing his name.

Motiv’s staff manager Brett Spangler said, “It is a huge point of pride for me that every shot EJ Tackett has ever thrown as a PBA Tour member has been as a Motiv staff player. I could not be happier than I am right now knowing that he is going to be with us for ten more years.”

This latest contract guarantees that Tackett will be on staff with Motiv through at least the 2030 season. When asked what a ten year contract with Motiv meant to him, EJ responded, “the people at Motiv are like family to me. Ten years means I don’t have to worry about anything but going out there and winning for another decade. I love throwing the best balls in the world and representing such amazing people.”


Photo used by MOTIV

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