Ton Smallwood To Join Motiv

MOTIV is proud to announce the addition of Tom Smallwood to the team! #MOTIVNATION

The multiple-time PBA Major Champion and Steve Nagy Sportsmanship award winner took some time as a free agent to see what the industry had to offer and chose to join the Motiv team after seeing the superior products. Smallwood stated, “It’s just such a great fit. Every single person I’ve met from Motiv over the years has been a truly great person and I’m really happy to be a part of what they are doing. It means a lot to be associated with brands based in Michigan that still make their products in the state where I live. I have so many more options now and I just can’t wait for all of these shows to get started.”

Motiv PBA Tour Rep Brett Spangler was equally excited to have Smallwood on the PBA Tour Staff, “One of the most important aspects of my job is building a team. Smalls is such a perfect fit on our team. He’s a great sport, has a fantastic attitude, and has established relationships with most of the team already.“


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