South Point Senior Shootout Cancellation

Dear Senior Shootout Competitors,

It is with great disappointment the Senior Shootout staff and I must announce the cancellation of the 2020 South Point Senior Shootout presented by Logo Infusion.  In spite of the best efforts of South Point Director of Bowling Mike Monyak, in concert with Senior Shootout organizers and staff, the Senior shootout simply could not be accommodated without potentially endangering South Point Hotel, Casino, and Bowling Plaza licensing due to violation(s) of COVID-19 social distancing mandates.  When coupled with our concern for the health and safety of Senior Shootout competitors and staff, it was mutually agreed the Senior Shootout had become an impracticable endeavor in 2020.  The Senior Shootout web site will be updated with 2021 information soon.

However, it’s not all bad news.  South Point and the Senior Shootout staff is announcing the establishment of the South Point Super Senior Shootout (SPSSS).  This new 4-day 3-event tournament is scheduled for November 20-23 immediately following the 2021 Senior Shootout and is limited to players age 60 and over with less than three national titles (the title limit is waived at age 64).  The Super Senior Shootout format is 2 one-day events followed by a one-day championship and limited to 120 players.  The SPSSS entry fee is $600; a $300 deposit holds your spot.  Eligible players may enter both the Senior Shootout and Super Senior Shootout.  Additional Super Senior Shootout details can be found here.

With the 2020 Senior Shootout cancellation, the 180 players with confirmed entries have several options:

  1. Transfer a fully paid entry or deposit for a guaranteed entry in the 2021 Senior Shootout (November 15-19)
  2. For those age 60 and over, transfer a fully paid Senior Shootout entry or deposit for a guaranteed entry in the 2021 Super Senior Shootout (November 20-23).  An entry difference refund will be provided to players with fully paid Senior Shootout entries who transfer their entry to the Super Senior Shootout.
  3. Request a partial refund of a fully paid Senior Shootout entry, leaving at least a $400 deposit for a guaranteed entry in the 2021 Senior Shootout or a $300 deposit for the 2021 Super Senior Shootout
  4. Request a full entry fee refund, after which your 2021 Senior Shootout spot will be offered to the next player on the 2020 Standby list and your name will be added at the end of the 2021 Standby list

To provide a record of your preference, please reply to this eMail advising Senior Shootout staff of your desired entry fee option.

Players on the 2020 Senior Shootout Standby List with paid entries or deposits may also request a refund or transfer their payment to 2021.  As 2021 spots become available, Standby players will be contacted to ensure their continued interest.  To avoid the transaction fee incurred when issuing a “chargeback” to a credit or debit card, all requested refunds will be paid via check.

Please stay healthy and safe!  Looking forward to seeing everyone on the lanes again soon,

Cell: (907) 351-1143

Tournament Director

South Point Senior Shootout

Logo Infusion

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