2019 IBMA Writing Competition

The 2019 International Bowling Media Association Writing Competition is open to all IBMA members in good standing. Articles, columns, news stories, editorials and Business articles, published in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, blogs or websites released during the calendar year of 2019 may be submitted in one of four categories:

NEWS:  A news story or coverage of an event about bowlingFEATURE:  A non-fiction story about a person, place or bowling event.EDITORIAL:  Any opinion expressed in the media concerning a bowling related subject. BUSINESS:  A news, feature or editorial strictly about the business of bowling.

The submitter will also declare if this was published in a major industry magazine or online forum (Category 1) or a regional, state, local or other online outlet (Category 2). The judges will have the final determination on which category each article will be eligible for.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS MARCH 15, 2020ALL ENTRIES MUST INCLUDE:a)     Completed Application Formb)     PDF or photocopies from the respective print publication, website or other originally published mediac)     Non-bylined copies of articles in WORD for judging purposes.

Entry forms and complete instructions can be found on the IBMA Website
CLICK HERE FOR WORD DOC or PDF For more information contact chairman, Frenchy Letourneau,at tenpinvegas@gmail.com or IBMA Operations Manager,at operations@bowlingmedia.org


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