Francois Lavoie, Quebec City, Quebec, has been selected the October 2019 Kegel Bowler of the Month by the International Bowling Media Association.

Lavoie captured his second U.S. Open crown, defeating top seeded Sean Rash, Montgomery, Illinois, 221 to 172, for his fourth PBA title.

The Team Canada standout lead qualifying before slipping to second after the cashers’ round, then retook the lead after winning six of right games in the first round of match play. Lavoie dropped to second and maintained that position through the second and third rounds of match play.

The television stepladder finals began as the fifth seed Anthony Simonsen, Little Elm, Texas, downed the fourth seed and 2009 U.S. Open champ Bill O’Neill, Yakima, Washington, 226 to 193. Barrett outstruck the third seed Jason Belmonte, Australia, 214 to 164. The second seed Lavoie dismissed Simonsen, 214 to 164, setting up the championship match with Rash.

At age 26, Lavoie is the youngest two time U.S. Open champion in the 80 year history of the tournament.

Others obtaining votes in voting this month were A.J. Johnson, winner of the 21 st DSD Samho Korea Cup, Dane Mikkel Sorenson, winner of the European Bowling Tour (EBT) 3 rd Brunswick Open, Jolene Persson Planefors, women’s gold medalist, European Champion of Champions, James Blomgren, winner of the EBT Norwegian Open, and Sean Rash, 2019 U.S. Open runner up.


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