JR has created one of the fastest-growing bowling Youtube channels by incorporating informative product reviews and instructional videos. Up to this point, due to contractual obligations, he has been relegated to reviewing ONLY certain products on the market. With this new partnership, JR has relinquished ties to all other brands and will now be able to offer unbiased reviews of ALL products on the market and that’s really something that bowling needs.

“This was something that was so important to us. The bowling world is full of ball videos and reviews which are either produced by the brand itself, or a representative/staffer of the brand. These reviews are pretty much all the same. They show you a bunch of strikes, the ball looks great, they tell you it’s the best ball they’ve rolled since the last video they did and you should go and buy it. How many times can we watch and hear the same thing?”, said Sandt.

JR will be producing honest uncut/unedited ball reviews of all brands and he will offer insight into the reaction of the products and explain where they fit (or don’t fit) in a competitive arsenal. He will also provide instructional videos pertaining to the proper use of certain bowling accessories that are on the market and how they can help increase your success on the lanes.

Beginning with the Summer Swing which kicks off with the Chesapeake Open on August 9th, JR will be getting back on the lanes and competing on the PBA Tour. While on tour he will be interviewing Team X Pro staffers and gathering information including what they are rolling throughout the event and why they are using certain equipment. He will also be providing videos which will give insight into what it’s like on tour, what the players are really like and how they feel about what is happening within their own sport.

“We are so excited about this opportunity and the type of content which it will provide. Having JR out there with no agenda and no ties will give bowlers something really fresh and entertaining too”, said Sandt.

A little about JR and his bowling:

  • 4 Time PBA Regional Champion
  • 2010 PBA Central Region Rookie of the Year
  • 2007 Collegiate National Champion with Saginaw Valley State University
  • 3 Time Collegiate All American
  • 2009 USBC Open Championships Title Holder (Record Score) – Team All-Events Champions (Turbo Grips)
  • Former Regional Sales Manager for Turbo 2 N 1 Grips
  • Former Regional Sales Manager for Dexter Shoes
  • Former Head Coach of Turbo Tech Training Center



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