Creating the Difference Launches Innovative Way To Improve Bowling Ball Performance

In June, Creating the Difference announced a new product which can not only restore performance in old bowling balls but also improve performance in new bowling balls. After just over a month of pre-sales, this innovative product is hitting the streets. The Clear Bowling Ball Performance Accelerator is the fruit of over two years of research and development. It can be ordered at This Link. Ronald Hickland commented, “We’re really excited about this product because we have built our brand on educating bowlers to help maintain their equipment to help it last longer. This product is the ultimate in helping bowlers.”
Creating the Difference paired with many industry leaders for research and validating test results. To take it even a step further, The Clear is also available in a Professional version exclusively for pro shops. The Clear PRO is formulated to work in Detox and Wave Machines as well as at room temperature. Both versions are made to increase the performance of any reactive bowling ball after only 1 hour of treatment.
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