Alex Noble reassigned to the Regular Division at the 2018 USBC Open Championships

This information came from the USBC-Open Championships facebook page.

Hello, everyone.

Earlier this week, Alex Noble of Lisle, Illinois, was recognized as the new leader in Standard All-Events at the 2018 #USBCOpen.

Upon further review of his entry and the verification of the scores, per USBC Open Championships operating procedures, it was discovered that Noble mistakenly was entered using an incorrect average, which was an oversight by the tournament staff and no fault of Mr. Noble.

Noble provided all necessary information and answered all questions on the Green Sheet correctly. Based on this, his average will be adjusted, and he will reassigned to the Regular Division for singles and all-events. He already was in Regular Team and Regular Doubles.

The tournament standings and leaderboards have been updated to reflect the changes. Any brackets are being re-run without Noble included, and prizes will be distributed accordingly by mail.

We do regret the unfortunate error.


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