Strike for Vets benefiting the Friends of Fisher House – Illinois

Greetings and Solutions, Welcome back to another edition of Striking Spotlight where we are going to look at the Strike for Vets, a great event that I was very humbled to be a part of. When I was on location a few weeks ago at the PBA Xtra Frame Parkside Lanes Midwest Open in Aurora, IL. During the Pro Am I had the pleasure of meeting Mabel Cummins, 2016 Junior Gold 15U National Champion and Junior Team USA member, of Elburn, IL. Her dad and I talked in length about this event and gave me the name Betty Stamatis who is the President of Friends of Fisher House. When I got back home I made a phone call to President Stamatis. She called me back the next day and we chatted more about their part in the event and how we I could help. I told her that I represent the Freedom Farm for Vets in Wadsworth, IL and that is what brought us out here to the Midwest. She had asked if I as involved in bowling which I laughed and said yes I am both a USBC Coach and the 2nd VP for the International Bowling Media Association. She told me that from the sport of Bowling that Bill Spigner a 3-time PBA Champion and Coach, Diandra Asbaty the winner of the 2012 USBC Queens and coach, Michael Nape a 13-time PBA regional winner and part of the 2008 USBC Open Championship Team All Events and Gregg Zicha the center coach and part of the 2008 USBC Open Championship Team All Events.

The Strike for Vets event is also going on in the FL area where Daniel Bolan lives, he is a 2016 United States Bowling Congress Youth Ambassador of the Year. “Our Veterans are the foundation for our country and they must never be forgotten. I believe that helping our wounded veterans is what we should do to give back,” Daniel says. “They paid the price for our freedom, so it’s like us giving back to them. “We’ve joined forces with Friends of Fisher House-Illinois, the non-profit which sustains Hines VA Fisher House in Maywood, Illinois, because they provide humanitarian support to veterans and military families when they face medical crises,” Daniel states.

Daniel and his dad have teamed up with Mabel and her father to help and support the Friends of Fisher House. I was told by both father’s that these kids did everything from start to finish and being their 1st event it ran very smoothly. The young adults reached out to Pros and celebrities to come out to this event. Also in attendance was Dan Pasqua who is a former player for the White Sox and Tracy Wilson who is a former player for the Tennessee Titans.

One if not the biggest attracting was watching some of the vets that were there using the IKAN Bowler. The IKAN Bowler is a 2004 da Vinci Award winning invention that is changing the way power wheelchair users spend their time. Now even high-level quadriplegics can bowl and join a league or tournament with fellow IKAN users and/or able-bodied bowlers! Because the IKAN Bowler attaches to the wheelchair, it gives the user total independence over their game.

This is unlike any ramp you’ve ever tried. With the IKAN Bowler, the wheelchair user is in charge. The IKAN Bowler is EASY TO ATTACH to virtually any straight or sports-style leg rests, INCLUDING newer style chairs with the foot pedals coming off a single center post. This revolutionary system allows the bowler to control the speed, direction, and timing of the bowling ball’s release. Wheelchair movement and the unique parabolic bowling arm generate the energy to propel the ball down the lane. Braking the wheelchair sends the ball in the direction the bowler wants. This 32lb gear can be attached to almost any power wheelchair. The player controls the IKAN Bowler® the same way they drive their chair.

With the IKAN Bowler all POWER WHEELCHAIR USERS can go WHEELCHAIR BOWLING, including people with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Injuries (all levels of SCI, including Quadriplegia), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease), Multiple Sclerosis and other reasons for power wheelchair use… see video on the new website and IKAN Bowler Facebook page.


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