Biggest Run On Tour

Greetings and Salutations my bowling fans and welcome back to another edition of Striking Spotlight with yours truly Brian Hirsch.

This month I feel I would not be doing my due diligence if I did not take the time and spotlight this player. Been out on tour for just 8 years and has 12 titles to his credit with 5 of them being Majors within the last 3 years. This player has been under the opinion of the public since his state side arrival and started bowling on the PBA Tour. Is it his 2 handed approach? Is it because he has a higher striking percentage than most? Is it because he made a sound with a water bottle or left a towel on a bowling ball? If you have yet to guess by these clues we are talking about Jason “Belmo” Belmonte. How can throwing a bowling ball make people love or hate Belmo? There is a huge fan base of youth all the way to adults that in brace this new 2 handed delivery, but there is always two sides to every story. There is the other half that thinks he has ruined the game with this delivery. It is not like he is the only player on tour that throws it with 2 hands, but the fact that he has been doing it since he was able to lift a bowling ball has helped him in his development of the style. After he captured his tenth title by winning the Oklahoma Open during the PBA’s summer swing, Belmonte became the 2nd fastest pro bowler to win 10 titles (in just 80 events). The only guy in front of him is none other than Hall of Famer and bowling icon Dick Weber who won 10 of his first 23 events.

What Belmo has done in the USBC Masters and the PBA Tournament of Champions the last 3 years has got to be one of the most magical runs in Major events. He has defended the USBC Masters the last 3 years and defended the PBA TOC the past 2 years. They say there must be something to do with the PBA TOC and the name “Jason” because another Jason has also found huge success in that tournament as well. That’s right I am talking about the south paw Jason Couch who has won this event three consecutive times in 1999-2000-2002. What makes Couch’s wins more impressive is that he won it over four years as the PBA did not host a TOC in 2001. We will have to wait for next year’s tournament to see if Belmo join Couch with another consecutive win.

Next up for Striking Spotlight is the USBC Open Championships in El Paso, TX March 8th and 9th so we will be hard at working getting some interviews set up. If you have any questions that you would like us to ask while we are out there please head over to our social media pages listed below and drop us a line.

Till next time stay happy, healthy and bowling.

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