Striking Spotlight 2014/2015

Greetings and salutations bowling friends!

Can you believe that 2015 is here and according to the movie Back to the Future we will have self-tying shoes, Hover Boards & the CUBS win the world series….Guess we have to wait till later in the year?

OK onto a more serious note Happy New Year to each and every one of you. Welcome back to this instalment of Striking Spotlight. There are a few topics that I wanted to cover this month and in no certain order let’s just dive on in.
Glen Allison’s 900 vs USBC – USBC made it very clear that their current decision to not certify Allison’s 900 will be the last time they will visit this issue. There is fear that “IF” Allison’s 900 got overturned then everyone else that had been turned down would come out of the woodwork to get their award. Us bowlers may not agree but must move on as in the industry he will always be Glen “Mr 900” Allison.
Back in early October the announcement for the Professional Woman’s Bowling Association (PWBA) was made which has a partnership between the BWAA and USBC. The 2015 season will have a total of 9 events across the United States. There will be eight standard tournaments with the ninth one being the PWBA Tour Championships. It will be great to see this tour get back to where it once was. It is great to see that there is going to be more than 2 tournaments a year that a woman can look forward to bowling each year.
How can I not bring up Bowlmor, AMF and Brunswick? Well Bowlmor founder and CEO Tom Shannon was not a favorite among league bowlers due to the shutting down of centers across the United States. Even though they are sponsoring the PBA some say that he is about that all mighty dollar, as that maybe true because even though bowling is our game/sport….Its still a business to some.
Now what I believe to be the biggest news to start the 2015 season is the departure of Chris and Lynda Barnes from Columbia 300 to 900 Global. You may remember just a few years ago that 900 Global stepped away from the PBA and now signed bowling’s biggest husband and wife duo. I may only be speculating here but seeing Barnes’ new jersey that has a Master logo on it and Storm does have stake in 900 global as well could he be able to throw Storm and/or Roto Grip? Guess we will have to just sit and wait for the 2nd half of the PBA. Here is what Chris had to say in regards to this move on Jan 2nd.

“After 10 years of a great run, it has become time for Lynda and I to start a new adventure. There are so, so many great people to thank that we couldn’t possibly name them all. No one has success on their own and it took a team. We couldn’t have done it without you – so thank you! We are very blessed to have been a part of Team Columbia for a decade and wish much happiness and success to them all! As we say goodbye we are also saying hello. Our new home for the future will be 900 Global. We are excited to start this new chapter in our bowling careers!”

This edition is dedicated to my mother who lost her battle with cancer at the end of November.
“Every day passes when you are not in my life, but not a moment passes when you are not in my heart”



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