Striking Spotlight: Scott Goldsmith

Happy Holidays to you and yours and welcome back to the Holiday edition of A Striking Spotlight. This month we will spotlight a young man that has come back to the sport of Bowling from nearly 5 years off. As coming back to anything from a lengthly time away there is challenges and our spotlight player hit that task running and has yet to look back. As well as a passion for bowling, Scott Goldsmith originally of Salt Lake City, UT is a web master, Husband and father. One of Scott’s website that he has been working on is for the Arizona Classic Bowling Association (ACBA) Check out Lets now go to the Snack bar grab a bite to eat and drink and learn more about our Striking Spotlight Scott Goldsmith.

How did you meet your wife and what drew you to him/her? I Met my wife through one of my ex-friends in high school, he was dating her and he didn’t treat her right at all, and I knew she deserved better so I just was always there for her. When they finally broke it off, we got together and have been together ever since, 11 years now, high school sweethearts. What drew me to her was that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, we have everything in common, she is fun, smart and never stops loving me.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? When my clients are in love with their website I built for them. Knowing they truly appreciate the hard work and personal feeling I put into their sites and knowing it is going to help them grow their business or career.
Who did you look up to? All professional athletes and successful individuals for their hard work, dedication and drive not to give up and accomplish perfection.
What advice would you give a bowler with dreams of someday making it on the PBA Tour? Don’t let that dream go, if it’s what you want to do, make it a reality. Find the right people that will help you reach it, get a coach, talk to the pros that are where you want to be, learn from them, absorb as much info as you can. People talk a lot about how poor the state of bowling is in, we can change it and we just need to keep in mind what we know it can be and do our best to make that happen. Don’t let the negative people ruin your dreams.
What things do you find yourself doing that you said you’d ‘never’ do? Trying to take revs off the ball. I was and still am a big fan of a lot of revs on the ball, I have tried to take the cover off the ball all my life, it’s gotten hard to manage and I am starting to listen to those much wiser than me and take some off of it.
When people look back at your life, how do you want to be remembered? I want to be remembered as a caring person, someone that went out of their way to help others. Someone truly dedicated to his family and did whatever it took to provide for them and keep them safe. Someone that never gives up and can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
Is there something you wish you could do over again? Yes, never took time off from bowling. I took 5 years off before the 2007 season, if I would have put the effort I am putting in now back then, I would be so much better and further in my career than I am now.
What is your favorite sports team and why? I don’t watch many sports besides bowling and golf, if I had to choose a “team” it would have to be the US Ryder Cup Team in golf. Why? They are the top in the world at their sport, they put money, ego, etc aside and come together to represent their country and work as a team to win.

The nature of sports has changed greatly in the past decade. What do you think students should take from high-school sports? Students should learn the art of teamwork and respect. They should want to become better at their given sport, don’t settle for mediocrity and give up on your dreams. Respect those that are better and worse than you, help those that need it and get help from those that are giving it.
What is something that you are really proud of and why? I’m really proud of my family. They have stuck by my side through the best of times and the worst of times. They support every decision I make and task I take on. My wife is an amazing woman, without her support and love I don’t know if I could do this.
In closing remember this is the time of the year to cherish the magic of the season and to get cozy with your loved one. Celebrate the warmth of the season by letting your sweetheart know how much they mean to you. Well gotta split and see ya next year!


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