Striking Spotlight: Tina Stickney

This Month’s Striking Spotlight hails from Goodyear, Arizona and is a native of Austin, Texas. She graduated from West Texas A&M University in 2005 with an undergraduate degree in Economics and in 2006 with an MBA in Management. This young lady is also a member of the 2007 & 2008 Team USA and current Metro Phoenix USBC Queens Champion. Tina Stickney has had quite a Bowling career with many more years to add to her bowling resume. Just a few of her titles are the 2008 Metro Phoenix USBC Queens, Western Women’s Premier Bowlers (Mix-doubles with Brett Wolfe), 2002-03 National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association Rookie of the Year and 2003-04 National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association All-America second team. Now let’s sit down and find out a little bit more about this young lady.

1) How did you meet your husband/wife and what drew you to him/her?

I’m not married but I met my boyfriend of 5 years, Mike, during my junior bowling days and we grew closer in college since we bowled for the same school. I’ve always been drawn to him because of his outgoing personality and common passion for bowling.

2) Tell me about a memorable moment in your life; a time you will never forget.

It would have to be bowling for the collegiate national title. We bowled against our arch nemesis, Wichita State, in 2005. We didn’t end up winning but bowling as a team under all the lights and in front of the large crowd was amazing!
3) What is something you are proud of and why ?

There are two big things: one was receiving my Masters Degree and the other would have to be making Team USA twice. These moments are special to me because they are achievements of many years of hard work. Persistence really does pay off.
4) What are some goals you are still working on ?

I am currently working towards making the PBA Women’s Series this August. I was in college when the PWBA dissolved and therefore never had a chance to go on tour.

5) Who challenges you on the lase most and why ?

I challenge myself the most on the lanes. If I can just believe in my ability and bowl like I know I can, the rest will fall in place.

6) Top 5 favorite players, past or present?
Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Wendy Macpherson, Liz Johnson, Marshall Holman, and Mike Scroggins.

7) Who do you look up too and why ?

I’ve always looked up to Carolyn Dorin-Ballard because her game is so pure. She’s small in stature as I am so we have a lot of similarities. Some players can manipulate the ball in more ways, but she and I have to rely on accuracy and smart lane play.

8) If you can pick a nickname for yourself what would it be ?

When I moved here I was given the nickname “T Stick”. I think it has a nice ring to it!

9) We know you do a great deal to help others; what are some causes you’re working on now?

I am currently starting to get more into coaching. I received my bronze level certification last year to add to my knowledge that I have received from bowling for 20 years. In fact, I am going to be a part of a new business called the “Arizona Bowling Institute”. We are going to conduct bowling camps for youth bowlers in hopes of helping grow the sport. So keep an eye open for camps coming up!

10) You’ve obviously achieved a lot, but what is one of your greatest disappointments, and how did you deal with it ?

As I mentioned, very soon I will be trying out for the PBA Women’s Series. Well I tried out last year as well and didn’t make it. It was definitely one of the greatest disappointments of my bowling career so far because I’ve dreamed of being on tour since I was very little. I’ve dealt with the loss by bowling as much as I can and learning every time I step out onto the lanes.

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