Striking Spotlight: Ben Laughlin

Here we are again my friends and welcome to another edition of “A Striking Spotlight w/ Brian Hirsch”. I would like to first congratulate all the winners from this years Grand Canyon State Games…boy did we have fun!!!! Thanks also to Peggy and her Staff at AMF Deer Valley for hosting this event. Now onto […]

Striking Spotlight: David Leverage

With the Fall Season now at an end and many people are putting their Bowling Equipment away for Golf clubs, I decided to start this Spotlight section to “get to know” some of our Local Celebrities here in the Valley. Just a tad bit about me…..My name is Brian Hirsch and I have been bowling […]

A Look Back

Greetings and salutations my bowling friends and welcome to another addition of Striking Spotlight. Now that summer is passed and were in full gear of the new season I wanted to reflect on a few stories from the past year. I hope this new season finds more Slashes and fewer dashes. One that will sure […]